For those of you who don’t know it, today is National AIDS Awareness Day.  So as you see people running about in red, it’s not for the holidays, but in acknowledgment of those friends and loved ones we have lost.

And speaking of things you don’t have to be gay to get in bed (it just helps), here is JN. The letters don’t stand for anything.  To the best of my knowledge they have no reference to Mister Horsley for whom JN is loosely based on.  When I was first introduced to the character I quickly came to the conclusion that he was sexually ambiguous (one of the few things he does seem to share with his creator).  I have had no end of fun with this, even from the concept images I did of him for the zombie series where he is wearing a bright pink “I’m not gay, but my boyfriend is” tee shirt.

Personally, despite all the innuendos JN may possibly be the only truly straight one of the boys.  Emphasis on “may” and “possibly”.

JN while not the first 3D character I have created, is the first of the best I have done.  After three separate attempts, I finally got a model I liked, and while I have recently tweaked him a bit with someone of the new tricks I have been learning, he is essentially the template by which I have been building all the characters.  And he is thus far the only one that is capable of jaw dislodging expressions.  Teeth are forthcoming, tho I don’t know how I’ll handle tongues yet.  Character modeling was never my forte, so each one is a new opportunity to learn some new tricks